My curls are Back + Curly by Nature in Review

I recently got my hair straighten professionally  and I shared my experience at the Salon, everything about the hairstyles, that I had during the 6 Days with  straight Hair, Here. Today I want to take you through the reversion process and give you also my opinion about the curly by nature Products. In fact I have been using those products for a while, and I can for sure tell you that I love them.  

So lets start with my hair washing routine.The first thing that I did was to section then spray my ends with water and apply a olive oil and honey mix from roots to ends. This is a technique that I recently discovered to prepoo.

Step 1: Moisture Shampoo. I applied a generous amount on my scalp and Hair to thoroughly clean away any silikones, parabenes and build up from the straightening process. this Product lathers quickly which makes it easier to distribute  and smooth. It is a 100% natural ingredients shampoo, without stripping Ingredients and  in the facts did not dry my hair out. I was surprise to see how soft and moisturized my hair was right after shampooing it twice. I experienced 70% shrinkage (see picture). My hair reverted to its kinky curly state , i had no heat damage It was fantastic to feel my curls again, because I missed them. now onto the deep conditioning step.

Step 2. Intensive conditioning Mask.
This Product is extremely thick, smells amazing and is easy to distribute, I applied it section by section from ends to roots  and then thoroughly detangled. It has a nice slip and smells really good, I think lavendel.  After detangling all the sections I tied  a plastic cap and let the mask penetrate for almost 4 hours.  This conditioner made my scalp feeling detoxified and healed. So far I only experience this with rhassoul clay. Once rinsed out my hair was super soft and shiny. and my ends moisturized. here is how much breakage / shed hair  I had. Notice that I didn´t comb my hair before washing it.
 Step 3. Time to set and style.
 It is recommended to let the hair rest for a while after all the "curls- straight hair -back to curls" Process, in order to avoid unnecessarely breakage. So I twisted my hair up in 10 big twists and wore an Afrowig for 4 days. I bought this synthetic wig at GT World of Beauty Stuttgart. I Think it was between 15 and 20€. It was more curly than kinky so I combed it out to make it more believable and loved the style and look. I normally wear a scarf when I don´t have my hair out, but this time I needed something new.

 I used only water and castor oil to seal the moisture and twist my hair and didn´t re apply moisture during those days. Thanks to the conditioner my hair still smelled fantastic 5 days later. I only needed to lightly spray my ends to re-activate the products and therefore the moisture in my hair.  I then opened all the 10 twists that  I had, fluffed and separated the curls to create more volume and did my "messy workout"  puff. All you have to do is separate the curls and create more frizz at the ends, tie your elastic band very loose  and let some  strands  out around your head and you  are done. you can also use a gel to curl your strands. I used ecostyler with moroccan argan oil

A few days later

I want to give you my opinion about the Line. First of all because  Curly By nature is a new UK brand for all type of natural curly to kinky  hair. I talked about them in a post Here.  You can find them online at  There are not so many natural hair products made in Europe, which you can get here in germany. And when I heard about her line I needed to test it by myself. I truly appreciate the fact that her products are also available for us naturals living in germany. And I wish to see more natural hair Products from Europe available in germany.

The Curly by nature products are definitely Products you may want to try because they are NATURAL and very gentle to the hair. I can recommend them to all my kinky curly girls out there. It can be used every 2  OR 3 weeks as I do. The deepconditioning effect can last up to 2 weeks. All you have to do is to maintain it regularly with only water/ homemade leave in, an oil and by wearing a no hair out protective style like Wig(that is Me) or Scarf .  Most of the time after using the shampoo and conditioner by curly by nature I didn´t  wear my hair out, only because I   had  no time. This is the reason, why I can not tell you how long the moisture can last, If you are wearing your hair out. The packaging and Design is also so cute; Luxus for hair. My favourite is the Hairmask. I enjoyed deep conditioning with it, the essential oils in it made my scalp and hair feeling healed and moisturized. and the fragrance... so intense. I like it. Actually the line has an Oil, a shampoo and a conditioner/Deep conditioner but no leave in conditioner. I couldn´t get the Oil but I have a staple of oils at home. To replace the Oil in that treatment,  I choosed one of the best sealant oil, Castor Oil. I was also out of Leave in conditioner. But you are supposed to be applying the leave in right after deep conditioning your hair, right?   This product line has no Leave in right now. I asked the Owner Klerissa, Why there was no leave in conditioner, and she said, that she is still working on it... So let´s keep calm, and wait. Remember Curly By nature is a very new  brand for all type of natural curly  hair.

Do You have any experience with the line? let me know what you think about this line.

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