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It feels like forever since i shared something with you guys. I currently can´t post regularly because of semester exams and the weather is also not kind with me.  But no fear, today i come to you with a selection of beauty stuffs i am currently using on my Skin,  on my Hair and on my Face. Some of them are high ends others drugstore Cheapies, but really worth it.

So let us start with the Skin . If you know me, you will know that i am a little obsessed with the Perfect Skin, Perfect appearence. Since i was a Child, i didn´t like having Wounds . excited to know why?  Because they will heal up leaving scars  and let me tell you, that i haven´t changed. Hahaha.  I have a very dry skin, at some places like my arms and my chest my skin is very very dry. When it is cold my skin become itchy at those places. and i hate it.

SKIN: I came  here in Germany, and it became a challenge for me to find a good bodylotion. I used to use bodylotion. Some brands were good in summer but not in the winter. Last Winter i started using Vaseline. since then i switched up to Bodybutters.This  (1.) Alverde Bodybutter | Alverde Körperbutter Macadamianuss Karitébutter is a Cheap Body Butter with great care effect. nice for applying and through its concentration of butter very rich. The fragrance is a matter of taste, I love it. easy, pleasant, discreet. It really works for me this winter. So far it my favorite Bodybutter between Balea kakao butter, the bodyshop cacao, and my soul cranberry.

2. Christian Eyesbrows Make Up Kit - Semi Permanent BLACK C65 | Augenbrauenpuder Kit

FACE: when it comes to make up i will terribly disappoint you because I am a makeup Minimalist. My go-to combination is perfect eyesbrows a little bit of pep on my eyes with a mascara , eyesliner and a lipstick for a great smile. i choosed to do this until i can control my acne maybe for a year then we will see the Progress and decide. I mentioned Perfect eyesbrows. So If you love natural looking eyesbrows as I do and are not able to do them yourself and come out looking as if you just had your eyebrows professionally done, then this nice Kit is for you. I everytime i went to the salon  to shape my brows , they used it on me after threading. i tried my best  to recreate , but the edges or the shape never look like i wanted. Now they do! For now i am using and testing it and i will give you guys feedbacks as soon as possible. 

3.Rival De Loop Lippenstift 40 :

The Creamy Lipsticks of Rossmann's own brand Rival de Loop are among the most underrated lipsticks on the market. € 1.99 is low priced and the color selection good and the design  also. did you know , that they were certified "Excellent=Sehr Gut" Since 2009 ?  No Mineral Oil, no harmfu Substances . If you live in germany and you are looking for cheap lippies Rossmann has natural Mac Dupe too. I personally love this  red color at this Period of the Year. It gives me a Christmas soul.

 Hair : It is not a secret that i love my hair. I had some Problems with Build up weeks ago, so i switched up my  African Pride cream with this  4. Tia´s Mimosa Balsam:100% natural No Silikone, no mineraloil, no sulfates. A great balm made with ricinus Oil, jojoba Oil, mango butter, shea butter. 

Because it is cold outside there, i will end this Article with two Winter Must haves for Man ,woman, and child. 
5. Umido Mandelöl Handlotion:

 Handlotion is supposed to help the skin of your Hand  against  hard dry and cold  Months by moisturizing and keeping it soft. I love the smell of Almond öl and love how pretty soft my Hand feels when i use this, it instantly penetrates . (pharmaycy gift)

6. Alterra Naturkosmetik Lippenpflege mit Kamille:
Its smell is a matter of taste. I do not like it at all, but I do without the classic nice smell, mineral oil and harmful substances and buy myself a cheap lip care and it is natural cosmetics.


  1. lovely collection.
    i love that red lipstick.

  2. Die Körperbutter und der Lippenstift sehen richtig toll aus, finde ich :)

  3. I wanna try that red lipstick! I'm following your blog now! ♥

  4. Le rouge de ral a l'air sublime !! et puis j'aime bien te lire lorsque tu dis aimer prendre soin de ta peau, ça me motive à faire de même ! Je l'avoue, je me laisse souvent aller !

    Par contre, c'est vrai que je ne peux me passer de mon stick à lèvre ! mes lèvres sont toujours sèches, et comme toi , ma peau aussi ! mais alors sous les bras ,c'était super super encore plus sec, Heureusement ça n'est plus le cas depuis que j'ai arrêter de me raser sous les bras tous les mois et je ne le fais plus maintenant que 2 fois par an. Après j'avoue, ça sèche sévère quand je le fais au rasoir, parce que avec la creme depilaoire, ça ne le fait pas trop ... Hola 3615 je raconte ma vie !! ça ne fait pas pour un garçon !!

    Voilà, sinon j'aime bien les filles qui mettent du noir autour des yeux !!

    Biz !!


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